Rana Labs developed an awareness campaign on key messages on health and nutrition issues for school teachers that encompasses the Food for Education Program of Catholic Relief Services – CRS. First, a participatory diagnosis was developed with 34 teachers, from schools that belong to the program, on health and nutrition issues to see the level of knowledge and gaps that the campaign had to fill. Then we created key messages for its dissemination. We created a radio spot and four videos directed to teachers, children, parents. All materials were made in the Spanish version and Maya K’iche’ language. Part of the graphic and visual elements of this campaign were made from the sketches created by the children who participated in a creative workshop, to give life to the characters of the campaign. All the audiovisual products and printed materials were delivered as agendas for teachers and vinyl banners for each of the 225 schools in four municipalities of the department of Totonicapán in Guatemala.

Production summary of the campaign

A creative and cooperative workshop was held to obtain  the sketches of the drawings of the characters of the campaign with children from different schools in Totonicapán. Different activities were developed to generate a sense of belonging, generate harmony, closeness and to promote creativity.

Radio Spot

For the radio spot a normal school day was recreated, where the teacher is heard teaching the lesson to her students, reinforcing the themes that the feeding should be varied and balanced as well as promoting the washing of hands and food.

Nutrition video in Spanish

For the key messages in the Nutrition video, we felt it was important that teachers know the proper definition of nutrition, since in the diagnosis phase we discovered that most of them are unaware of many health issues as they pertain to nutrition. The video takes place in a kitchen, since all the schools of the Food for Education program in Totonicapán have one. Some of the foods that are the protagonists of the video are those that, according to the teachers’ criteria, the girls and boys identify the most: bananas, rice, avocado, and beans.

Vinyl banners for schools

All the characters of the Healthy and Active Life campaign appear on the vinyl banners so that the teachers and students of each school continue to identify with the campaign, reinforcing the key messages that all children have the right to learn about personal hygiene habits, cleanliness and have access to a varied and nutritious diet. The texts of the vinyl banners were made in Spanish because very few people in the region know how to read and write in Maya K’iche’ language.

Agenda for teachers

The agenda of the Healthy and Active Life campaign is a complementary guide of activities and information for teachers in schools with health and nutrition messages. Each month has a specific theme to deal with proposed activities to develop with students, the topics were developed based on the diagnosis made in each of the schools and the requirements of the Ministry of Education in Totonicapán.