Animation excels when the subject matter demands the most attention from viewers. By reinforcing the complex messages in a story with graphic design, on-screen text and a professional voice-over actor, the end result is lightweight, fun and engaging material to share online.

We bring together the best in script writers, illustrators, animators and voice-over actors from around the world in any language. Below are three different styles we use, from motion graphics animation to a blend of live action with animated elements as well as whiteboard animation. Finally, please view our full reel below as well.

Step 1

Storyboarding and Scripting

Step 2

Graphic Design

Step 3

Animation and Professional Narration


Live Action / Animation

Hand Drawn Animation

Our Reel

How The Project Was Received

Rana Labs was proactive in creating a fresh design, setting the right music and narration and really made the whole process seamless from start to finish.

Isaiah OliverDeputy Chief of Party - AMEG Project