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TechnoServe Video Production Guides

How to Create Informative, Engaging, Skill-Enhancing, Change-the-World Training Videos

Video Content 2:40

Learn how to improve the delivery of your messages by creating a storyboard and refining your messages.

Setup and Equipment 2:11

Learn what equipment can help to improve production quality, starting with what you already own.

Sound & Light 1:45

Learn how to improve sound recording quality as well as some techniques for using light to make your videos even more professional.

Editing with InShot 3:13

Practice editing technical training videos using InShot, a free video editing app for Android and iOS.

Editing with Premiere Rush 4:00

For advanced editors, watch Adobe tutorials on each aspect of Premiere Rush to create professional-grade videos.

Zoom Webinar 1 59:00

Watch the complete first webinar on Zoom for using a smartphone to capture professional-quality video using advanced sound and lighting techniques.

Zoom Webinar 2 56:42

The second complete webinar recording on editing with mobile devices featuring InShot, a free video editing app for Android and iOS, and Adobe Premiere Rush.

Download the Guide! PDF

This guide has been developed as a resource for TechnoServe staff as you begin to implement the use of video for sharing experiences and best business practices, as well as teaching skills within the organization.It is one piece of a set of interactive training materials designed to facilitate learning focused on storytelling, professional filmmaking techniques, storyboarding, editing tools, and more. This guide, for example, includes embedded video links, which will be supplemented by a two-part webinar series. Using these materials, you will learn to create engaging, practical, high-quality content that your global colleagues will appreciate and be able to use.