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We need your support with a truly amazing project!

Community Roots is a USAID-funded project serving 20 communities and thousands of youth and families across Guatemala. With our partners at World Vision/RTI, our collective goal is to bring together different institutions, leaders and community authorities to work towards reducing violence and irregular migration. Our role at Rana Labs is to spark meaningful change by inspiring new youth content creators to share their own stories to the world through mobile filmmaking, puppet theater and much more. Each story they share will bring us closer to safer, more prosperous communities and we can’t wait to share their stories with you in the months ahead!

Here is where you come in: We are committed to providing 1) donated equipment and 2) volunteers to help with the project. We need your help to get the right tools in the hands of new filmmakers. You can assist through purchases using the Amazon links below, or by contacting us to help volunteer either in Guatemala or right where you live.

Make sure to check out the really great video below to learn more about the project, and please get in touch with any questions (send an email anytime to [email protected]) – and thank you from all of us at Rana Labs!

Mini Tripods


40 needed

These mini tripods can be set up anywhere! On chairs, tree branches, even fences. Help aspiring filmmakers to get stable, high-quality interviews on the go.

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40 needed

This wireless mic is perfect for interviews and gives filmmakers the sound quality they need for professional-grade recordings.

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App Store Credit


15 needed

Give the gift of professional filmmaking apps via a $50 Google Play Store credit for Android-based smartphones used by aspiring video producers.

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Handheld Stabilizers


40 needed

We love these devices for filmmaking – they keep video stable no matter what the conditions are. Walking through a field, filming from a car, and even on the back seat of a motorcycle – gimbals make the footage look really great. Help us provide the latest tech in mobile video production!

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Join us in Guatemala!


Multiple Roles

Have an interest in filmmaking, Guatemala, Spanish or just itching to travel? Come volunteer and get on-the-ground experience! Every dollar you spend on a trip to volunteer with us goes towards our fundraising goal. So get in touch ([email protected]) and we’ll help coordinate your visit!

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Volunteer Remotely


Multiple Roles

There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer! If you have experience with social media campaigns, photo & video editing, donation support, and private sector involvement, let us know! All ideas are encouraged. Send us an email at [email protected] with your ideas to get started today.

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Thank you for your support!


SI VAS A CRUZAR LA FRONTERA, QUE SEA LA DE TU IMAGINACIÓNComprometidos en prevenir la violencia y migración irregular, el Proyecto Raíces Comunitarias de USAID Guatemala World Vision Guatemala RTI International contribuyen al bienestar de los niños y jóvenes de Guatemala.¡Conoce más en este video!#SomosRaíces #SociosEnDesarrollo #PrevenciónDeViolencia #PrevenciónDeMigración

Posted by Proyecto Raíces Comunitarias on Wednesday, November 21, 2018